The Medical Women’s Association of Nigeria (MWAN) was founded in Ibadan in 1976 and registered with the MWIA (The Medical Women’s International Association) at it’s 10th congress in Tokyo, Japan in the same year.

Since then 27 state branches have been formed as an affiliate of the MWIA, MWAN has consultative status with the Economic Emergency Fund and the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, Liaison is maintained with the planned Parenthood Federation, the International Council of Women, amongst others.

As such, the MWAN is positioned to achieve its objectives with an international outlook commensurate to its local focus.


To serve humanity in pursuit of positive health programmes/projects throughout MWAN state branches to the entire Nigerian populace, with special emphasis on women and children, and by employing up to date knowledge of delivery system acquired through world class medical training of members in international/national scientific assemblies for greater visibility and influence of members in all aspects of the medical profession.


To be foremost medical association in Nigeria in the maintenance of quality health in Nigeria through the world, and a symbol of unity of medical women worldwide in improving the standard of quality healthcare and expansion of knowledge and excellence in health.


  • High ethical standard of practice

  • Welfare of members

  • Compassionate service

  • Integrity

  • Professionalism and Excellence

The Medical Women’s Association of Nigeria is a non-governmental, nonprofit, non-sectarian organization of female medical and dental doctors in Nigeria.

We are dedicated to promoting women’s health, improving professional development and personal well being of our members and increasing the influence of women in all aspect of medical profession. Our aim is to expand the role of woman in the achievement and maintenance of health throughout Nigeria.


1. To provide a means of communication and cooperation between medical women in different countries.
2. To promote the general interest of medical women throughout the world regardless of race, religion or political views.
3. To afford opportunities for medical women to meet in order to discuss questions concerning the health and wellbeing of humanity.

As a result of the progress made by women doctor, it further introduced the following aims:
a. To stimulate, encourage and promote the entry of women into medical and allied schools throughout the world and assist them in optimum utilization of their medical training.
b. To aid medical women particularly in the developing countries to obtain fellowship for study abroad, grants for research projects in their own country and grants for travel and to attend scientific assemblies; and
c. To encourage medical women to recognize the importance of the inter relationships of environment and social aspect of life as an influence on health and the necessity for health education in the community they live in and matters affecting physical and metal well being.


Adapted from Physician’s Oath – Geneva Declaration.

Adopted by the 2nd World Medical Assembly (WMA), Geneva, Switzerland, September 1948 and amended by the 22nd World Medical Assembly, Australia, 1968and 35th WMA, Stocklom September, 1944.


I SOLEMNLY PLEDGE myself to consecrate my life to the service of humanity.

I WILL GIVE to my members the respect and gratitude which is due.

I WILL SERVE my association with conscience and dignity. The needs of my members will be consideration.

I WILL MAINTAIN in my power, the honour and able tradition of the association.

MWAN MEMBERS WILL be my sisters

I WILL NOT PERMIT consideration of age, disease and disability, creed, ethnic, origin, gender, nationality, political, race, sexual orientation and social standing to intervene between me and my members.

I WILL MAKE these promises solemnly, freely and upon my honour.


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“Matrisanimo curant" meaning “Healing with the LOVE of a mother”