MWAN Edo Advocacy on GBV

1) MWAN Edo is advocating for the police to send all the DPOs in all the police stations and all their medical doctors to undergo training in forensic & DNA analysis center.

2) Advocating for the government and police to have DNA database in every police station for sex offenders.

3) Advocating for CCTV cameras to be installed in all public places.

4) Advocating that all the rape victims bills are to be paid by the state government.

5) That prosecution of all perpratrators are by state so sentiments from the families involved wouldnot tamper with Justice.

6) Advocates to the Chief Judge of Edo state that prosecution of the perpratrators is expedited and not prolonged as it has been done in the past.

We hope this partnership would bring more things for MWAN Edo.

Also present: Ex Officio Dr Mary Ehimigbai, Sec Dr Nkemdilim Okonji. Dr Momoh of the forensic & DNA analysis center and other staff of the Forensic center.

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